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*snort* Love the mounted jackalope. And the books... yes, all the books... mustn't look at all the books...


Wow! What an amazing collection. I think I could have done it if I had the shelf space. I need that kind of space. That way I can keep all my books forever and ever.

Thats just redonkulous! Thats more books than my local library...

How are they organized?


This may be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen....

That's what I want my basement (when I have one) to look like. I used to be proud of the shelves in my living room, but they are nothing compared to this.

wow! amazing collection! hard bound Good Omens! i want that!

um dia eu ainda terei uma biblioteca assim *__*

I personally fount it amazing that just earlier this year The fiction world was rocked as a woman claimed No Sexual Attraction to Neil Gaiman.

No no, you DID read that right No Sexual Attraction to Neil Gaiman. What the hell is the world coming to anyway.

Thats a Jackalope?? Damn i thought it was a Tonton, that wouldve rocked even more:)

Oh My God!!!! Look at all those books, what i wouldn't give to have them...
That cat is soooo very cute..
Do you think Neil Gaiman has read all those books????

this is 2nd time i stumbled upon gaiman's collection.
so my question is, what if he lost his indexing table ?

that's a lot of influence there - you keep hearing that people aren't reading these days, well, i guess they are...

neo-noir transgressive fiction

Oh my lord... if I had that library I'd die a happy woman!

I love all the little nick knacks he has on the shelves.

Marvelous... I wish I have space for that... Maybe once I move to my new house... Soon...

Ahhh - Green with envy at this PERSONAL library, because this is what I want for my self.

Damn having cull my books becaue of a lack of space!!!

OMG Bi-level Shelves!!!! I can double my bookspace, while being able to read all the titles!!! Genius! Thank You, Neil Gaiman!!!!

Peggy: send 'em to Neil :)

wonder if he's read all of those books....or most of them at least...?

Oh my,
deep sigh, if I had shelves like that,the horrible books culls over the years may never have had to happen! Paradise, all that is missing is the espresso machine, maybe it's hidden behind something...


My library's about 50% larger, not to mention far more varied. Significant lack of Asian lit in NG's library, lots of pulpish stuff like King. I'm sure that his is more valuable by virtue of some of the first editions I saw in the photos, but he's thin on a lot of literature and important writers (Ellison, Lessing, Grass, Murasaki, Tasso, Calvino, etc) and essayists. FYI, I read 2-3 books a day, which over 30 years brings my personal reading total up to about 25,000 books, most of which I've retained in my personal library.

Admittedly, he has a better reading chair.

Que inveja! É maravilhosa... Gostaria de "ver" com os olhinhos que tenho nos dedos! Aprenderia ler em inglês se tivesse acesso a uma quantidade dessas de livros, que passaram pela seleçãode N.Gaiman.
Perfeita. Sonho de consumo.

I like the cat-and-mouse still on the armchair. The tired and maybe old cat looks at the mouse like thinking "Wasn't it once fun to play with that mouse?"

penso que para se ter estes livros todos em portugal, teria que ser muito rico para não trabalhar e ter o tempo disponivel para os ler todos,mas adorei saber que ainda existe tanto gosto em manter os livros tão bem arrumados.
caro amigo o meu voto de bom gosto.


CM, aren't we self-satisfied? Bigger, better, quicker - and by definition you have the time and money to buy and read 2-3 books a day. Yes, lucky you. Preening about it publicly isn't pretty though. I'm amazed you deign the internet with your presence.

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