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August 01, 2010


Account Deleted


I couldn't find anywhere else where I can post a opinio about the Shelfari.com, so I will post here.

I'm a brazilian user of Shelfari, I read a lot and I love the site! It helps me a lot to organize my readings, but it could be more useful.

Actually I use an iPhone App called "Read More", an App that helps me reading allowing me to log my reading sessions. I choose a book on my stack, click "Begin Read" and the app start tracking the time I took (day and time) to read that session, calculates how much of the book I've readed already and give me a report of how is my reading. I love so much this app as I love Shelfari, but I think if Shelfari could be integrated with this app or even if you guys made an app of Shelfari with this kind feature it will help me a lot, because I would have all the info I've already registered on your site available on my iPhone. Actually I have to register every single book I start to read using the app, and it doesn't even gave me the option to add a cover :'(

That's it! For a while I've been wanted to say it but I didn't know how. Thanks and sorry if I used the wrong place to post my opinion!

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