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February 27, 2010


Aditya Mookerjee

I do not read novels, if I do, I read them rarely. I believe, that one need not live in a life of make believe. Those who think a lot, already live in a life of make believe. Why is it, that the average novel reader, finds the experiences of life tedious, and reads the make believe lives of others? Perhaps, this is a sign, that people do not like the lives that they live, if they are interested in other peoples lives.
I prefer to read non fiction, relevant to my ideas, and what I like to think about. I would not like to waste my time in make believe of imaginary lives.

Caitlin Woodcock

When I first began reading I loved fantasy. Anything that took me as far away from what I could see out my window as possible. Yet even then there was always something familiar and relatable in what I read.
Since then my tastes have led me to explore literature in its broadest sense. Unless I'm reading fantasy or science fiction I have never encountered a novel that is 'make believe' (and even then nothing is ever entirely make believe). There are countless novels that are perfect snap shots into everyday life, that reveal truths otherwise hidden in the hum-drum of daily routine. In fact sometimes it takes an unfamiliar setting to fully appreciate or understand an important truth about life, real life.
From my experience reading, I have gained a greater understand of the world around me and of myself.
My life is richer for the written word, especially the story. Not to knock non fiction. I have read my fair share and have thoroughly enjoyed myself every time. However variety and diversity is the spice of life and I would not count myself at all well read if I only stuck to one genre or style or author.
Truth can be found in surprising places, sometimes where we least expect it. I would suggest - in an attempt to change your mind - to read The Life of Pi. You may find yourself sitting in a life boat with Richard Parker, completely satisfied with your life, but enjoying yourself immensely.

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