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November 11, 2009


Maxine Thompson


Also available on Black Expressions Book Club
Hostage Of Lies by Maxine Thompson
Mem. Ed. $12.99
Pre-Order today! Item will ship 12/01/2009

Hostage Of Lies
Nefertiti “Titi” Godbolt’s been a captive of her family’s secrets her whole life. Now, as she returns home after fifteen years, she’s ready to confront her family and finally get some answers. It’s her father’s seventy-fifth birthday celebration, but she’s not there to celebrate a man who always seemed to favor her siblings Josh and Cleo, while he, along with Titi’s mother, treated Titi as the black sheep in the family—even before she got pregnant and they forced her to give up her daughter. But when Titi’s father and his brother have it out during the party, some long-buried family secrets pop to the surface, and Titi realizes there may be some truth to the stories her great-grandmother told her when she was a child after all.

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