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September 02, 2009



ah, it's abt time. i had tweets with 'Shelfari' in it, a few times! ;) keep up the good work.

Mz. Cool Author of "CHUBBY" The Hhydraulics of a Neurotic

Drama, suspense, street-lit, mystery, humor, sex,love and horror. Get ready to laugh, cry, empathize, anticipate and ecperience the hydraulics!


I wish Shelfari will work properly on Facebook. Any chances of that being fixed soon?


Ditto Mz. Cool :) And I'm glad that Shelfari is now part of the Twitterverse :D Hope to exchange tweet with you soon! ;)

Jan Onesork

Good to see shelfari on twitter!


Ithink twitrtering on shelfari is not ok because kids come to this website and look at thier shelfari and they might see sometihng inapropoiete.

Luella Carney

You missed J K Rowling and Laurrel K Hamilton. Ms Rowling doesn't post much, but Ms Hamilton posts multiple times a day about life and writing.

Terri Hudson

Way to go . I add you there. Thanks for update.

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