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June 30, 2009



Thank you so much for the updates! You've been doing a great job. :)


I love the fact that now you can choose your book cover. A tiny pet peeve I always had was finding the book covers on your site that actually matched the ones I had on my shelf. I'm going through and changing all the books to the right covers now. Definitely a change made by an avid reader like myself. Great job!


I wish there was an option under the quick add button called might-read because you never know if you will have the time or might even like the book you put into your i plean to read so i wish that was an option. just a suggestion.

Norman Howe

Editions and combining books. I notice a bit of a dichotomy in shelfari: I'm more interested in the informational content of a book, and don't care that it's an ace double backed by another title; others want the particular cover picture and format. An edition details page would be useful.

Norman Howe

Combining books: I just included a book unintentionally in a group of books I wanted to combine, because the screen changed as I was clicking on the button. A "Confirm y/n" button would help here, as I can't go back in and fix it. This would save your editors a bit of time too.


I didn't know where to put this comment, so I'm sorry if it doesn't go here. I think you should make shelfari into an app for ipod/iphone users. It would be a cool edition!


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