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March 13, 2009



Very Nice Improvement...

Kevin R. Tipple

I find the new search function cumberson and unhelpful and am not happy with the other changes made. I wish you had left things alone.


In response to the question "If you refresh the page, do your books show on the correct shelf?": the answer is no. If I uncheck "I am reading now", the book turns gray (as if removed from the shelf), but if I refresh the screen or go to that part of my shelf, the book is still there. As a result, I now have 3 books under "I'm reading now" because I have been unable to remove 2 of them.

Rasheedat Akanmu

l have liked the new look and changes since it all began a few months ago, its pretty but from all the comments above, l am not sure the recent change will be effective. However, l'd try it out and see. l'd however like to be able to add books to my groups' bookshelves from my shelf. Can that be possible?


Hi guys! I'm quite new to Shelfari and so far I'm impressed. I like the easy edit part too so you guys are doing a great job. If I may suggest, about the ownership of the books, could you add "borrowed it" to the status?

Usability Thouhts

You have a tiny flaw here:



It looks like my account was deleted. I have been having problems signing in because it says I need to enable cookies. I've done that, but I still couldn't log in. When I tried to search for my acct, or said I forgot my password, I don't even get an e-mail anymore, which makes it appear as though my account has been deleted. Could you please help me with this? I have left several messages with no reply.


@Carey. I've responded directly to your email, we should be able to get you back into your account.



@CJ. Thanks for the suggestion! Are you wanting to mark books that you've borrowed or books that you've loaned out to someone?


@UsabilityThoughts. The image is cut off, I can only guess what the problem is. Do you have a larger image? Thanks!


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