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February 23, 2009


Jen M

My searches are turning up NO results, even when the free type populates the correct title. When I click on that title it takes me to the note that nothing could be found under those keywords.


I cannot perform any searches and the Top 200 Tags are not listed.


The new search doesn't work. It just returns 0 results for everything.

Charles Roth

Umm...how do I just add a book to my shelf? Seriously I have spent 10 minutes exploring the new site and don't see that option anywhere anymore????

Phil E

Where has the Add A Book page gone?


'Where has the Add A Book page gone?'

I second that.
That's the whole point of the site, isn't it? Anyone can add a book or a cover if it doesn't come up in a search.


I love the new format. I also love that i can see the same book other people are reading that I am.

Charlotte F

I joined Shelfari just a week or so before you changed to this new format and I am having a difficult time searching for groups or etc. It just doesn't go anywhere. What's the problem?
Charlotte F


How do you remove a "tag" and how do you write a review? Having trouble doing both! My review showed up as my tag...HELP


@Diann--To edit your tags or write a review, click on the Edit button that appears beneath your book. Under the My Opinion section you can write your review and under My Tags you can add/edit the tags you have.


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