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January 08, 2009



Still waiting for RSS feeds.


Did you pay someone to spam your site? I got a targeted, customised spam advertising it. If you had any credibility, you just lost it.

Anna M.

Is there a way to subtract a book off your shelf?
If not, I think there should be. Sometimes I intend to read a book, and then decide not to, for whatever reason.
Anna M.


Hi Anna--You can remove a book from your shelf by clicking on the drop down menu on the right-side of the green "on shelf" button. Once you uncheck the book from each list (I've Read, Favorites, etc..) it will be removed from your shelf. --Best, Amanda


This little profile complete-ness thing is driving me nuts. I can't stand to see it there at only 88%; I know this is a silly, obsessive pet peeve, but I hate to have it there uncompleted. I just don't have enough friends for it to count, I guess? I invited my family and friends who would enjoy the site, and joined 4 groups and participate occasionally. What more do I need to do to complete these two goals?????

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