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August 25, 2008


Axel Ferrazzini

Congratulation Josh!
Long time since OMA ;-)

Web Laureate

cool seeing. seems to just make sense to have a shelfari in the amazon. looking forward to seeing what exciting (hopefully not scary) things come out of it.

the combination of amazon and shelfari just seem so poetic.. check out my latest post..


and please leave a comment


Scott K

FYI- Your web contact form is giving error messages when I try to use it.

Alex Algard

Congratulations Josh, Kevin, Dave and the Shelfari team! You accomplished a lot on limited resources over the past two years, and you should feel proud of yourselves. It will be exciting to see you bring your innovation and the Shelfari service offering to the Amazon customer base!


I'd never heard of Shelfari before, but after signing up and using it, I must say that it's a great service and I can see why Amazon.com would be interested in acquiring it. Good luck!


great news for amazon and shelfari what does this means for amazon associates


Congratulations! Great news!

Rick Zwetsch

Way to go guys! Need a widget to use with WordPress and will be happy as a piggy in you-know-what!

Keep up the great work!


Ross Bailey

Hi guys,

Love the site and congrats on the sale.

Would be great if you can get integration with the social aggregator service FriendFeed. Longer term, I see more of my friends clicking through to your site that way rather than me inviting them to join yet another social network.

I'm assuming that amazon will be getting your wishlist intergrated with the existing Amazon wishlist? If not, would love for that to happen as well.

Well done !



Great! Another small independent website eaten up by the giant Amazon! Don't Amazon have enough of a hold over the books world already?

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