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June 16, 2008


Candace Salima

Here's an idea. Make it possible for our posts on our personal blogs to posted on Shelfari as well. I think that would be a wonderful addition.


Great idea Candace!

Valentin Jacquemin

What would be great is to be able to retrieve books from all amazon's store (fr, ca, com, uk, de and jp)..

For my shelf for example I can't add the majority of my books because I can't find them with your search engine. Too sad.

Otherwise, your design is really bright and beautiful!

Nicole Reising

Looks great!



There is too much control of the profile area.

Why not allow the use of HTML?

Anne Bradshaw

How do you uncheck a book that got checked in error on the "Books I've Read" page? I've tried clicking on the check, and doing everything else I can think of, but nothing works.

Great site, by the way. Thanks for developing it.


Hi! It's really great that you continually improve the site and at such a rate that's really impressive. I was excited when I first found out about shelfari only to find that it lacked some things that I found essential then. A few months later you made changes that was almost like an answer to all my wishes from the site. And now, I'm really, really satisfied with the site.

Kudos and more power!


Hello Dave! It me takes pleasure to know that you esten trying to improve day after day with the interfaz of the page. Particularly it wanted that the page this one in Spanish also.


I am in a Shelfari book club and I read Taylor Wilshire's THE BOOK OF MOM and loved it and had lots to say. The funny thing about this book is that you gain knowledge and wisdom, (all the self-help-spiritual stuff) as if you are reading a self help book but the book is a funny fictional story. We all loved this combination--blended genre. The book is a very quick read, funny and moving. One woman in our group felt like it saved her marriage, (the main character goes to marriage counseling). I don't know if it was the reason she stayed in her marriage but I will say this, I was moved to take care of myself first and live a more balanced life.


I am a member of Shelfari and joined a group that read Taylor Wislhire's Mom book and I loved it and have shared with other friends. It is the idea of conscious parenting that created the most amount of discussions with us. How we can be connected and present with our kids when we feel so overwhelmed.

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