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February 21, 2008


mohammad khan ch.


It is great that Amanda is getting the members vote to read a book.

I shall appreciate the struggle Amanda is doing for the members and for all of us.

she is a great lady with great traits and fun which she gives to our members as well.

I appreciate all the members of shlefari who are participate on shelfari and the team who is managing this whole programme. it is a big sea/ocean to manage it very difficult.



Khan. www.sdc-ckl.tk

Book name " The Unfathomable Vastness of God.""

thank you !!!!!!!

mohammad khan ch.


it is nice here.

regards,yours, khan.

Mohammad khan Hastal


Mrs.Amanda is a great lady on Shelfari.Who is very nice towards members. Her services are up to the mark and up to the required standard.

I wish her all the best.

Love and regards,


Prof;Khan.chakwal. 01 Aug,2009.

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