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July 12, 2007


Ma Titwonky

Thank you for all the hard work you've put into making Shelfari such a great place for readers of all kinds of books.

The Shelfari Book Bloggers is having a Reading Challenge during the month of August. Details are at:
Hopefully in promoting the challenge this will also make more people aware of Shelfari. It's just such a great place! :)


Thank you for taking the time to really listen to what your users want! This site is amazing! I stumbled upon it while browsing lifehacker.com and Shelfari has shot up to be one of my most favorite and visited sites on the web!


Do you have an API ?


hi dave,

the post to blog flash widget seems to be broken.

Dario de Judicibus

Well, I tried to fill in my shelf, but it looks there is no way to add any book whose ISBN begins by 88. Since ALL my books begin by 88, it looks like I cannot add any book at all. There is probably a bug in your code, but I cannot understand which one :(


Why can't I add books which do not have an ISBN?

Jigar Mehta

I understand the growth because of good concept, but these days, performance issues have been so frequent, I cant browse shelfari without any problem (of timeout or slowness) for an hour!!

You guys, need immediate attention regarding this. If needed, take help from Microsoft itself for solving your issues (if you are hosting site on IIS)..

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