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April 26, 2007


dave davison

"perhaps we can all find a few friends for stimulating conversations about the written word."

No doubt about the potential impact of socializing and collaborating with ideas we glean and pass along from our book lists

Along with several talented colleagues we are attempting provide a platform for engaging in conversations driven by the key memes of our best thought leaders.

My most recent addition to my Shelfari is David Weinberger's insightful Everything is Miscellaneous. I'm sorry I couldn't wait to order it through you, and had to truck down to Borders in Palo Alto to pick it up.

Davids' memes are right up there with Tapscott's wikinomics, Gladwell's Tipping Point, Anderson's Long Tail. But for me Everything is Miscellaneous provides a richer perspective on the miscellanizing of our global, wired culture.

As Alan Kay is said to have opined:
"Perspective is worth 80 IQ points."

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