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February 08, 2007



I am tecno-impaired, so it may be just me--but I can't get the cute shelf thingy to post on my blog. Help?

Erica aka Disneylandfan

LOVE this as the secretary of my book club. Quick question - how do I make someone else an administrator. My club is definitely community-based, and if I were to move, I would hate for this club that is 6 years old to lose its shelf on here (nor would I want to continue to be responsible for it if I am no longer a member)

Perhaps someday there will be some sort of reading guide questions available?


I am also having difficulty getting the shelf to post on my blog.

Also, where can I find out how many books I have on my shelf? I think it used to be under profiles but I can no longer find it.

Thanks! BTW, love the new add to shelf pop up window, it's SO much easier to use!


I, being an new and upcoming author would love to have my stories read by the many book clubs. My stories can be founded out about at www.GODHEADPRODUCTIONS.com plus there are other goodies there to know about

R.C. Beckom

I glad to see shelfari has upgraded to be able to help all the authors and book readers here to be able to communicate and find what they are looking for easier. keep up the great job you are doing.

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