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October 10, 2006



Love the site!! It looks fabulous--great work!


Salud! Wonderful work--so excited for you fabulous gentlemen. Thank you for your contribution to the book loving world :)

John Galavan

It would be nice to offer the e-mail addresses of authors mentioned- should these become available from readers. Nice to have an opportunity to thank authors for their works!

Marc V

Nice concept, the page seems to load wrong. I'm getting alot of overlap. Also sent you helpfull hints via your feedback channel. Good Luck!


Great idea! It would be great if you made it so I could post my shelf on my bookblog. Can you make the coding available?


nice concept. i'm assuming the motivation for someone to maintain their "shelf" is to discuss the books with others and show off their collection? it may be very beneficial to add the ability for authors to profit off their reviews from amazon commissions, say if a visitor is convinced of buying the book of their shelf. would be a nice to way reward shelfari members for their hard work.

Dan Birdwhistell

Great. I love that you built it, hate that I was thinking of the same idea, and beat me to it :-)

Doug Karr

Great concept... I look forward to the day that we can put in our blog's addresses so people can find us on the net easier. As well, I can't wait until you add groups or 'book clubs'. We have a group here in Indy that meets and discusses Marketing books - I'd love to have a club and have everyone signed up here!



What a sweet idea. Myspace meets netflix for bibliophiles. My friend referred me to you after he discovered you on Digg. I hope that the issues I've been having with the site are all due to the infusion of traffic, and not due to some problem with the site itself. I really look forward to building my shelf when the page is a bit more reponsive.


I wish I could add more than 1 ISBN at a time. If performance does not allow import from file, could we at least paste in 10 ISBNs at a time? I have zero interest in adding hundreds of books manually.

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